The design service...

It's a strange fact of life that we all believe that we can all do everything! Lots of people do their own decorating, their own building, their own IT support and yes, believe they can do their own floral arrangments. But, if you are like us, you have a skill, a particular thing that you are better at than almost anyone else you know.  

In our case, it is in creating displays, bouquets and arrangments that empathise with an event whether it is a wedding or a birthday party! We know what flowers will hold up to the rigours of a day, we know what will give off beautiful scents and we know which plants and flowers will wilt and die if they are in the wrong conditions. Very few people know what we know so let us help you. If you talk to us now, we can make your event spectacular and it really is the little touches, the vase of flowers on the table, the spray against a stairwell, and more that makes our service invaluable to you.

Check out our contact details, give us a call and we will be delighted to help you.