Who is Barkways?

Barkways is David and Debbie John, and a host of other amazing people, David and Debbie are absolute fans of all things horticultural and it is reflected in the way they treat their clients and as importantly, their stock. Unlike a good many florists, David and Debbie source all of their flowers and plants from a number of premiere suppliers in Holland and if there is going to be a huge demand from their wedding client base for a particular colour of flower, typically they are able to make sure it is available.

Barkways doesn't operate out of a back room, they have a warehouse in Cardiff to ensure they can supply what was requested! This isn't a part time job for them and their team are always ready and waiting to make what you want as perfectly as is possible.

Though Barkways is a large business, dealing with hundreds of clients a week, they still take time for the personal touches, they have a definite interest in making people happy and in doing an amazing job.